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Honey Acacia (3.4fl oz) w

Honey Acacia (3.4fl oz) w



Introducing the decadent blend of Honey & Truffle! This unique blend combines the sweet, rich flavor of acacia honey with the earthy and savory notes of white truffle. With 97.8% acacia honey, this product is perfect for those who love the taste of pure honey. The addition of 2% white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) adds a touch of luxury to this already delicious product. The white truffle, often referred to as the “diamond of the culinary world”, is known for its intense aroma and rich, earthy flavor.

The combination of sweet honey and savory truffle creates a harmony of flavors that is sure to be a hit with food lovers everywhere. To round out the flavor, a touch of flavoring has been added to enhance the overall taste experience. Whether drizzled over cheese, added to sauces, or simply enjoyed straight from the jar, Honey & Truffle is the perfect addition to any dish.


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