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About Us



Luca’s Truffles believes that everyone deserves to experience the richness and decadence of the world’s finest truffles. That’s why we travel the globe, hand-selecting only the highest-quality truffles from the best truffle regions, including Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. Our truffles are then carefully packaged and delivered fresh to your door, so you can taste the difference in every bite.

Our journey began with a passion for truffles and a desire to share that passion with others. We quickly discovered that while there were many truffle purveyors in the US, few offered the quality and variety that we sought. That’s why we set out to create a business that brought the best truffles in the world directly to you, without any compromises on quality or freshness.

We carefully select only the finest truffles, ensuring that each one meets our strict standards for quality and flavor. From the first bite, you’ll taste the difference that comes from using only the best ingredients and delivering them to you as quickly as possible.

Experience the taste of luxury, in every truffle by Luca’s Truffles.

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Product Quality

We import only certified, true, Italian truffles, and
we can trace the origin of every truffle we sell.

We also guarantee maximum freshness and quality. The time between harvest and arrival to the USA is at most 24 hours. During this time, the truffles go through lab inspection, individual hand washing by expert women, individual sanitary inspection by a certified biologist, careful packing and inspection by the USA Customs and Agriculture Dept. The family pride is at stake here.


We can also guarantee the best price,
because there is no middleman.


Truffle Hunters

Our latest project is to bring our American friends to Italy to participate in the harvest of the truffles with us. They will meet our truffle “hunters”, with their specialized truffle scenting dogs for a few hours of real truffle hunting.

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